Study on the Influence of Trust to and Service Quality of Group Purchase Websites on the Repurchase Intention of Customers



Hospitality Management



        In recent years, the consumption pattern of group purchase becomes more and more close to the needs of consumers. Consumers can have more bargaining chips through economy of scale, while manufacturers can obtain a large number of orders from consumers, creating a win-win situation. Therefore, this study considered the customers of group purchase websites as its subjects and explored if the trust to and service quality of the websites would influence the repurchase intention of customers. It adopted convenience sampling and conducted survey of the customers with consumption experience on group purchase websites. The statistical analysis methods used included narrative statistical analysis, reliability analysis, t test, one-way ANOVA,and regression analysis. It aimed to probe into the relationship among service quality, trust to the websites, and repurchase intention, and studied if the customers had different understanding of the aspects and what the reasons behind and the phenomenon.

Keyword: Group Purchase Websites, Service Quality, Trust to The Websites, Repurchase Intention


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