Relationship Between Service Quality, Perceived Value, Guests’ Satisfaction and Revisit Intention at Kid-friendly Hotels: A Case Study of Silks Place Yilan



Hospitality Management



        With the low birth rate is getting worse, more and more parents are willing to spend more attention on their children. The most common leisure activity is family travel, so choosing to stay in a kid-friendly hotel during the tour becomes a new trend. Silks Place Yilan was awarded 2015 ”Top One Taiwan Kid-friendly Hotel” in Hotels need to maintain a good quality of service in order to enhance guests’ perceived value, satisfaction and loyalty and then improve the revisit will of accommodation. This research examines the guest experience of kid-friendly hotel and investigates the relationship between service quality, perceived value, satisfaction and revisit intention for guests. Hotel guests in the Silks Place Yilan are research subjects. A questionnaire survey was conducted to collect empirical data from Silks Place Yilan in Yilan, Taiwan. The main findings are as follows: 1. Service quality has positive direct effect on perceived value, perceived value has positive direct effect on satisfaction and satisfaction has positive direct effect on revisit intention. 2. Service quality is not significantly related to satisfaction and revisit intention.

Keyword: kid-friendly hotel, service quality, perceived value, satisfaction, revisit intention


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