Travel Agency Managers' Perceptions of Tourism Industry Employability



Hospitality Management



        This study determined the employability of vocational college graduates as perceived by travel agency managers in Taiwan. The AHP was performed on data from 50 valid returned questionnaires. The results show that travel agency managers identified 'generic skills' to be the most important employability skill, followed by 'professional attitude', 'discipline', and 'career planning'. For specific scale-items, travel agency managers ranked 'communication' the highest, followed by 'lifelong-learning', 'dedication to work', 'crisis management', 'selfmarketing', 'teamwork', and 'tour planning and execution'. It is recommended that the vocational colleges of Taiwan design curricula to improve students' competency in these areas for enhanced employability.

Keyword: Employability, Travel agency, Analytic hierarchy process (AHP)


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