Utilizing Wikis and a LINE Messaging App in Flipped Classrooms



Technology Management




        ABSTRACT The aim of this research is to identify students’ perception of the utilization of wikis, LINE, and flipped teaching strategies in a Research Methodology course at a university in Taiwan. Q-methodology, a combination of qualitative and quantitative research, was employed for this study, and sixteen participants were asked to rank-order 30 statements related to the integration of wikis and LINE in a flipped classroom. Correlation, a centroid factor analysis, and judgmental rotation were used to identify the significant factors. The two factors that represented groups of participants with a similar perception were extracted and the results were as follows; (1) learners could be divided into those with a strong positive feeling about group-based activities and self- paced learning (Collaborative Achiever) and those who had a positive reaction to collaboration, but expressed concern about tension caused by competition (Collaborative Competitor), and (2) all the participants agreed that they were highly engaged and motivated when using Wikispaces and LINE in the flipped classroom based on the advantages of a timely and easy-to-use IT environment, self-regulated learning, virtual community companion, collaborative work, and the building and sharing of knowledge. The theoretical and practical implications of the results were discussed.

Keyword: Keywords: flipped classroom, Q-methodology, Wikispaces, LINE, collaborative learning


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